Personal Bio

  • Married for 20 years to his wife, Loula.
  • Three children: Christina Maria, 17, and identical twin boys Tony and Dino, 15.
  • 17 year homeowner and resident of Clinton Township

Professional Experience

  • 30 years as a professional chiropractor.
  • 30 years operating a chiropractor office employing hundreds of people over the years and serving thousands of patients.
  • 20 plus years owning and operating a small business, Java Java Espresso

Community Service

  • Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) President – Algonquin Middle School
  • Executive Board Member of the Italian American Cultural Center – 3rd Vice President


  • College – Life University in Marietta, Georgia
  • Radiology Cerftified

Full Bio Write-Up:

Dr. Mike Aiello is a family man, professional and entrepreneur who spent 30 years operating a successful medical practice. He wants to go to Lansing  not to get another job, but to do the job for the families of the 24th state house district, Macomb, County, and Michigan. As a husband, father, and small business owner, Dr. Aiello has come to understand through personal and business experiences that conservative financial decisions and taking care of individuals and families is vital for the community’s success.  Dr. Aiello has the experience to make for a “Healthier Michigan.”

Dr. Aiello has been married for 20 years to the love of his life, Loula. Together they have three beautiful teenage children. Chrstina-Maria, 17, and identical twin boys, Tony and Dino, 15, are a big reason why Dr. Aiello is running for state representative. Dr. Aiello and his wife have seen too many parents spend precious time away from their families as they sought employment opportunities in other states. They want to provide their children and the children of families of the 24th state house district with opportunities to stay in Michigan.

Being there for family is something that Dr. Aiello does not take lightly. His father passed away when Dr. Aiello was very young. He promised his dad that he would make sure he took care of his mother. Dr. Aiello in turn stayed close to home, ran a successful medical practice, and when his mother needed more care, she lived with him until she passed.  Keeping families close is a driving force for Dr. Aiello as he runs for office.

Dr. Aiello built a successful medical chiropractor business. He has employed hundreds of people from southeastern Michigan and in turn made important business decisions that had a direct and often immediate impact on families.  He never took those who worked with him for granted and understood the responsibility he had to his patients, employees, and their families.

In the day and age of expensive medical care and insurance regulations, Dr. Aiello always made sure someone who needed his services received them. Regardless of what insurance or financial status his patients had, he made sure they received first class medical treatment and therapy.  Outside of his medical practice, Dr. Aiello was known to help those around him. For example, he used to snow plow neighbors’ driveways in his Jeep during winter months and only would accept a smile and “thank you” in return. He has volunteered for many charities and organizations in the community, including being Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) President at his children’s middle school to serving on the executive board of the Italian American Cultural Center.  Those that know Dr. Aiello personally will attest to his mentality of “going out of his way to help a stranger.” Those close to him have witnessed Dr. Aiello time and time again helping those in need.

Americans are NOT looking for a politician who is seeking another public office. Americans are looking for business-minded people with extensive personal and professional experiences to listen and write legislation with their best interest in mind.  Dr. Aiello believes that the people spoke when they voted not to raise taxes for road funding. If elected, he would represent the people, not make decisions that go against the decisions they have expressed at the ballot box.

Being a representative means listening to the people that elect you. It means crafting legislation and voting on bills only after carefully listening to constituents.  Whether sitting down with his family every night for dinner and listening to stories of their day, listening and participating on community leadership boards, listening to hundreds of patients over the years, listening to the needs of employees, or listening to neighbors in the community, Dr. Aiello has experience has a leader. If elected, he will listen to the people of Harrison Township, Clinton Township and Macomb Township. He will pay attention to all of Macomb County. He will keep the great state of Michigan front and center. These aren’t blank campaign promises: Dr. Aiello has over three decades of experience doing what is right for the families already.

There is no second opinion needed. Dr. Mike Aiello for a healthier Michigan!